Calico River Rapids Set to Open on May 17th at Knott’s Berry Farm

The long awaited reimagined ‘Calico River Rapids’ is set to open on Friday, May 17th at Knott’s Berry Farm. Formerly known as Bigfoot Rapids, the attraction underwent a major re theme which now features different characters and a new storyline. There will also be brand new interactive elements that guests not riding can use to spray guests on the ride.

In a new video on YouTube, Knott’s gives viewers a behind the scenes look at how they created this new attraction.

Click here to get a behind the scenes look at the attraction!

Last year, Knott’s made this announcement and gave fans some early concert art to hype up the new attraction. In the art we can spot some various animals, a hunters cabin, and the legendary Bigfoot which is supposed to be the grand finale of the white water adventure.

Some fans are already predicting that the animatronics that are going to be used in this ride will be similar to the ones on the Timber Mountain Log Ride. This will definitely be a great addition to Knott’s to help with the Summer crowds this years and the re theming was well overdue for the beloved attraction.

There’s so much to do at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer and you won’t wanna miss it! Purchase tickets today at ! If you wanna keep up to date with more updates about Knott’s Berry Farm make sure to follow us on social media and our YouTube channel @socalexploringmedia/ .

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