TODAY Cafe Set to Open on May 16th at Universal Studios Florida

The TODAY Cafe at the Universal Orlando Resort will be opening on May 16th. Step in to the TODAY Cafe and feel immersed in the iconic set of the show. As you dine while enjoying your specialty food and drinks including fresh in house baked pastries, salads, and sandwiches. For guests who love coffee, the TODAY Cafe will feature it’s own unique coffee blend made exclusively for the cafe.

To celebrate the grand opening of this brand new restaurant, Al Broker and the rest of his team will be broadcasting live from the TODAY Cafe on May 16th. Guests will be able to enjoy one of Al’s favorite, the Al’s Avocado Toast. The toast is topped with cherry tomatoes, artichokes, roasted red onions, and tomato aioli. The dish also comes with bread and butter pickles on the side.

Al Broker states that the pickles add a nice sweetness and an umami taste to his healthy and hearty toast. The cafe will be located in the Universal Studios Florida park.

The cafe is expecting to be a big success for fans of the show and park guests who see the beautiful exterior of the building and are fully immersed as they step into the restaurant.

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