Aquatica San Diego Set to Open for the Season on May 24th with Fun for Everyone

Seaworld’s water park ‘Aquatica’ is set to re-open next week Friday May 24th for the summer season! There’s so much to do at Aquatica this season and tons of thrills for guests of all ages to enjoy. Whether you enjoy relaxing in the lazy river that stretches 1,250 long or if you like racing down water slides with your friends and family, Aquatica has it all. With more then a dozen attractions there’s plenty to keep guests entertained.

Taumata Racer, the thrilling mat slides where guests can compete with their fellow racers and see who comes out victorious at the end of their twisty adventure down the slides all while cooling off from the hot summer sun. The slide is measures at 375 feet long and is sure to keep guests entertained all day long.

Tassie’s Twister, a family raft ride which sends guests into a dark tunnel and shoots them out down this 75 foot long water slide into a huge six – story funnel swirling in thousands of gallons of water and running right underneath a waterfall for the finale into a small pool. Guests won’t have to worry about carrying the rafts up the stairs as conveyors are installed near the slide to carry the rafts up to the top.

Kiwi Curl, a couple of fun indoor/outdoor water slides as you ride down the flume in a single or double person raft and splash right into a pool. For thrill seekers the enclosed slide is sure keep their adrenaline pumping.

Loggerhead Lane, the parks lazy river that stretches 1,250 feet long and is a perfect way to relax and and check see flamingos on exhibit for guests to enjoy! Life jackets are also complimentary provided for smaller children. Playful fountains provide plenty of opportunities to splash while soaking up the fun.

There are also cabanas to rent for the day for guests to enjoy food and beverages while underneath the shade of their own private area and keeping out of that summer heat. There are multiple different options for the cabanas that include premium, VIP, and ultimate options located poolside at Big Surf Shores and near Loggerhead Lane.

There’s so much to do at Aquatica and way more attractions and experiences to enjoy and is definitely worth the visit! The park is located in Chula Vista and is open beginning May 24th – October 6th (Open Select Days). For information regarding passes and tickets to Aquatica San Diego visit .

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