REVIEW: Tidal Twister at SeaWorld San Diego Soft Opens and is a Great Addition to the Park

Tidal Twister’s simple but unique front entrance sign at the new coaster

SeaWorld San Diego’s brand new roller coaster ‘Tidal Twister’ opens up officially opens up on May 24th. Today, we here at SoCalExploring and other members of the media had the opportunity to ride the tide on this all new attraction. This ride will be a huge hit at SeaWorld once it opens and is sure to give guests thrilling attraction.

The attraction’s height requirement is fairly average sitting at 48″. Guests can board Tidal Twister from two different stations located adjacent from one another. Before entering the ride SeaWorld has provided a board with all the ride safety requirements and a test seat for larger guests to determine their ability to ride. The actual attraction entrance is located just across from the freshly painted Bayside Amphitheater.

The ride seats themselves are quite comfortable but are a little bit tight as they are designed to hold guests in their restraints. The beginning tilt really builds up the anticipation as guests wait to reach the top speed of 30 mph. Each of the trains can hold up to 16 passengers and seats are faced forward and backwards. The dueling coaster features a dynamic Zero-G roll at the center section.

We loved the slow roll right in the middle as the ride starts to kick into full speed. The thrill of going up and over the roll and then turning at a banked turn right back into the roll itself gives such an amazing adreadline rush and is sure to keep guests having fun throughout the full ride duration. It really gives riders the thrill of riding the tide as they twist and turn in the horizontal figure 8 configuration with tight banked curves.

This is all apart of SeaWorld’s Rising Tide Conservation which was started back in 2009. The conservation is dedicated to developing and promoting aquaculture of marine ornamental fish through collaborative efforts of researches and places like SeaWorld. RTC is effort aimed at providing sustainable alternative to wild fish collection, which can result in tremendous damage to coral reefs where they live.

The Aquaria: World of Fishes aquarium has research support aquarium featuring ornamental fish RTC is concentrated on (egs tangs and angel fish). The aquarium has brand new paint job and it looks beautiful.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to check out Tidal Twister before the grand opening and can’t wait to see the guest turnout when it opens. An HD POV and full vlog of our day is up on our channel make sure to check it out!

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