Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Officially Appears on Disneyland Mobile App and Guide Map

We are just 7 short days away from the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland resort. With all the anticipation leading up to the new massive land opening Disney has given fans something to be even more excited about. Today the new land popped up on the Disneyland Resort’s mobile app in full graphic detail. Disney also gave fans a glimpse on their Instagram of the brand new paper guide map where we see a photo of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Galaxy’s Edge on the map itself.

While the mobile app only features the Smugglers Run attraction, the guide map still features the Rise of the Resistance which is set to open at a later date. Fans are speculating that the attraction will open sometime in August. The graphic detail on the maps looks stunning and will look even more stunning when guests experience it in person.

On the Play Disney Park’s app we can see that there has also been a new interactive game added for the new land. Disney released details about this new game where guests can hack and do have other interactive fun while visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on the Play Disney Park’s mobile game.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens up on Friday May 31st and will require reservations until June 24th. Note: Reservations have sold out however if guests choose to stay in an on site Disney hotel they will be granted access into Galaxy’s Edge.

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