5 Brand New Terrifying Scare Zones Announced for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019

Halloween Horror Nights 2019 is a short two months away and Universal has definitely released some photos that excites HHN fans even more. Five all new scare zones have been announced for this years event Fallen Angelz, Spirits and Demons of the East, Christmas in Hell, Toxxxic Tunnel, and All Hallow’s Eve. Let’s take a dive into the details that we have been provided with and breakdown each of these scare zones and their locations.

As we saw at last years event we had two scare zones at the main top area of the park with Trick r’ Treat in the New York Street area and Hell’s Harvest being right at the front. This year those two mazes will be Fallen Angelz (main street) and Spirit and Demons of the East (new york street). Spirits and Demons of the East will tell the story of sacred antiques that have been shipped over from the East, though most of these precious items were stolen from ancient temples. These antiques carry very angry spirits that seek vengeance on New York Street for anyone who dares to steal these sacred items. These spirits also are able to look like anything which makes them so powerful.

In the Fallen Angelz scare zone you will encounter monsters such as the restless ghouls as you explore their packed crypts. Angry skeletons have also taken over Main Street as they seek to wreak havoc on anyone who dares to disturb them. You’ll encounter a wraith who is watching over you and come face to face with the dreaded Angel of Death. These creepy ghouls are waiting to haunt you as soon as you step foot through the gates and into Fallen Angelz.

As you exit the brand new original maze Holidayz in Hell, you’ll be thrown right into Christmas in Hell where you will encounter classic monsters from the fan favorite Dark Christmas scare zone such as Jack Frost himself. Although it won’t be long as you wind through Christmas trees before encountering the Winter Witch and a huge Nutcracker looking to turn the Christmas spirit into a nightmare. As you approach the end of the scare zone you’ll encounter the cranky New Years Baby right before exiting French Street.

If you’re looking to get to the backlot scare zones you’ll first have to make it out of ToXXXic Tunnel returning for its third consecutive year, but this year it will feature some new horrific monsters. This year you’ll encounter more cartoonish like creatures who are apart of a demonic custom car club. These monsters are ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep you from making it through on foot. The concept for the tunnel scare zone seems a lot more planned out then years past and we are excited to see how it comes out.

Lastly down in the metro set area will be All Hallow’s Evil which celebrates the Celtic festival of Hop-tu-Naa which ironically takes place on October 31st. Followed by this festival is All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day, and Dia de Muertos. All these share the season with the centuries old Gaelic Festival of Samhain, which celebrates the transition into darker months at the end of harvest season. The souls of the dead will return home on this night so let’s just hope that they don’t seek to wreak havoc on anyone who dares to step foot into this horrifying scare zone.

We are very pleased with the lineup or scare zones this year and can’t wait to experience them for ourselves at this years Halloween Horror Nights. If you you are interested in visiting Halloween Horror Nights 2019 visit https://hollywood.halloweenhorrornights.com/ .

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