HHN Hollywood 2019 Construction Update 7-11-19

Today’s visit to Universal Studios Hollywood showed that there was tons of progress going on all around the park for this years Halloween Horror Nights 2019 event. All locations have started construction and it isn’t long before we start to see more detail with all these mazes so let’s take a look into what we can see so far as of July 11th, 2019.

Holidayz in Hell (Location: Parisian Courtyard): As told by creative director John Murdy back at Monsterpalooza, Holidayz in Hell would have the facade of a vintage New Year’s Eve post card the current state of the rectangular facade does appear to be exactly what he was talking about. The lumber was recently painted white and should be painted over very soon with that vintage post card look. Although we are confused on what the hole in the middle of the wall I guess we will have to wait and see what kind of effects and detail they add to make it more of a 3D facade instead of just a flat one.

Location: Revenge of the Mummy Queue: As of recently Universal has covered up the red and yellow circus tent like facade, this is probably due to the reason that fans were heavily speculating that Killer Klowns from Outer Space would be coming to this years event. Now this is not yet confirmed by Universal or Murdy it is just what the heavy speculation currently is. If we look towards the back of the maze we can see lots of black walls which is fairly concerning because usually many great properties are ruined in their respected mazes due to the consistency of black walls. We hope that the walls will have jump scares or smaller set pieces in them but as of what we can see right now they are just painted black walls.

Location: Metro Sets / Poltergeist 2018: Moving on down to the Metro Sets area of the park we see that the former Poltergeist location is well underway with HHN Construction. The lumber seems to be all laid out for whatever the maze may be and it appears that the facade will be ready to form very soon. The heavily rumored maze for this particular location is a Ghostbusters maze, once again though this is just a speculation and nothing is yet confirmed.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (Location: Metro Sets): We unfortunately were not able to get picture coverage of Universal Monsters however we did get footage of the construction that will be apart of our construction update on YouTube coming out tomorrow so be looking out for that. From what we saw though, it appears as if they are already building up the facade for this maze and all the lumber is also laid out for as well as sets that are starting to be constructed inside of the maze itself.

Location: Metro Sets / Horrors of Blumhouse 2018: This maze looks to be making the same progress as FMTW is with a bunch of the lumber up and spotting of sets being constructed on the inside. We were not able to spot any sign of a facade this time but we are sure that there will be one forming soon in this area. The rumored maze to come to this location is Creepshow.

Location: Tram Garage Area: Lastly, this was hands down the most exciting construction that we saw while on our visit to Universal. It was announced on the Halloween Horror Nights website that the event would feature 10 mazes this year. That means that there are two extra for the event this year and it appears that the rumors have been true that those two extras will be placed in the tram garage area. Currently they have built up a platform to hold the mazes on top and the full platform looks absolutely huge and can definitely hold 2 HHN mazes. When construction picks up more this area will be very fun to film and see the progress as it moves on until opening night.

Waterworld queue is also under construction but as of today the walls are the only thing visible. With HHN just two short months away we would not be surprised if we start to see all the mazes start hauling on constructing and design the maze. We are very pleased with the lineup and scare zones this year and can’t wait to experience them for ourselves at this years Halloween Horror Nights. If you you are interested in visiting Halloween Horror Nights 2019 visit https://hollywood.halloweenhorrornights.com/ .

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