Ghost Galaxy Seasonal Overlay of Space Mountain at Disneyland NOT Returning for 2019 Halloween Season

It was announced yesterday that the popular Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy would not be returning for the 2019 Halloween Season at the Disneyland Resort in CA. As of recent fans of the attraction have been experiencing the Star Wars overlay of the ride Hyperspace Mountain. Although it is a neat experience and a way to dodge the recent Galaxy’s Edge crowds while still enjoying a Star Wars related attraction, fans are upset at the fact that it is staying for the rest of this year through the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Disneyland is one of the few parks that implemented a Halloween time overlay to as big of an attraction as this. Starting back in 2009, Ghost Galaxy took riders on a thrilling yet frightening journey through a space port that was invaded by the ghost of Nebula. All while the ride was much darker, the soundtrack echoing the attraction, and Nebula being projected on different screens throughout the dome. At the end of the ride as guests are pulling back into the loading station Nebula appears one last time to scare guests aboard the attraction in more of a traditional jump scare way, something that is not implemented in Disney parks anymore due to their more family friendly reputation throughout their theme parks. However, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout still receives their overlay each year ‘Monsters after Dark’. While the overlay is still ‘scary’, the ride still stays true to the fun and friendly attraction.

The seasonal overlay was first used for the Hong Kong Space Mountain in 2007 and ended in 2013 and sadly Disneyland is seeing the same fate with their version lasting from 2009 until 2018. We have noticed an ongoing theme the past 3 years or so of Disney trying to incorporate Star Wars in anyway possible throughout all the Disney parks so it begs the question whether or not this kind of Star Wars over haul will continue. This also gets Disney fans speculating the fact that slowly removing overlays/experiences could be in preparation for the heavily rumored Tomorrowland refurbishment that could happen within the next few years. All is still confusing what Disney is trying to do but we are sure that everyone will get more info at the ultimate Disney fan event in August, D23 Expo.

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