Killer Klowns from Outer Space Coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2019

This morning Universal Studios Hollywood announced that the 1981 cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space would be coming as a maze to their popular Halloween season event Halloween Horror Nights 2019. Due to it’s popularity at HHN Hollywood’s sister event over in Orlando as a scare zone it will now be brought to the West Coast but this time in it’s own stand alone maze located in the former Trick r’ Treat maze location from last years Halloween Horror Nights event.

Guests will venture into Crescent Avenue but some might be tricked by the sweet smell of delicious treats such as popcorn and cotton candy. Although they will soon realize that that smell is leading them into a giant circus tent filled with murderous Klowns looking to wreak havoc on anyone they can get their hands on and turn them into cotton candy cocoons as the Klowns enjoy these victims as their own delicious gooey treat. The maze itself will incorporate many favorite scenes from the film and we are thinking that there will be a lot of the vibrant 3-D walls that the event has used for various different 3-D mazes in the past. Although Killer Klowns will not be 3-D we still think the walls will be re purposed to capture the vibrant and wacky feeling that was captured in the film.

Fans who visit Universal Studios Hollywood can spot construction going on for this maze already being constructed to the side of the Revenge of the Mummy attraction where Killer Klowns from Outer Space will be located. For the facade we believe that it will be the infamous circus tent that we see in the film and you can already see parts of the red and yellow tent peeking out during construction currently. As for more details outside the facade we believe that Jojo’s ice cream truck could also have the potential of being placed right outside of the maze entrance and it would be the best fit for it if they are bringing a replica of the truck like they had at last years Orlando event.

With the already announced Stranger Things, Holidayz in Hell, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Ghostbusters, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space there are still 4 more mazes to be announced making their a total of 9 mazes (not including the Walking Dead Attraction) which is two more then last years event. If you you are interested in visiting Halloween Horror Nights 2019 visit .

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