Spider Man Attraction Vehicles and Loading Station Concept Art Released for California Adventure 2020

Although us Disney fans still have t wait a couple more weeks to get any details about the brand new Marvel themed land coming to Disney’s California Adventure in 2020 at the D23 Expo Panel, Disney has given us something to be excited about releasing the concept art of the Spider Man attraction’s vehicles and loading station that guests will step into next year once it opens. The attraction is described as an interactive based ride so let’s dive into how we think the ride can play out with the design of these odd vehicles that Disney has released.

With the design of these pods it looks as if they have a platform underneath them that will move the actual ride vehicles around during the attraction. What we can see it similar to being is the technology used in the Transformers ride over at Universal Studios. The attraction will most likely be 3-D and looks to be one that heavily relies on screens as most were speculating it to be. Disney has described the ride to be very interactive which will give guests the ability to sling webs with Spider Man himself. Hence the reason for the glass window in front of the pod.

We believe that the interactive features will most likely be either on the glass windows them self or the ride will have buttons right in front of the lap bar that keeps riders safe. Although there would be no other reason for the glass window on the pods Disney also stated that there will be environmental elements apart of the attraction as well. The pods look like they can sit a max of four people each unless riders will be facing backwards as well in one pod making that a total of eight riders.

As for the loading station itself it all looks nicely themed although it looks really thin, this is due to the fact that the ride is being constructed in the former ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug’ Theater which was not a very large venue. Due to it’s narrow station there will probably be a pre show room before guests actually enter the station area helping out with crowd control and preventing chaos with tons of guests.

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