Aquatica San Diego Offers Plenty of Fun to Enjoy for the Rest of the 2019 Summer Season

Whether you like zipping down water slides or relaxing in the lazy river next to some flamingos basking in the sun, Aquatica San Diego has it all! With the hot Summer sun finally making it’s way in what better way to cool off then spending your day with friends and family at a water park. With many different slides and a huge wave pool there is plenty of ways for everyone to get wet and cool off.

After going through bag check you enter the main courtyard area where you can purchase tickets off to your left hand side. Single day admission typically ranges between $27.99 – $49.99 and Splash Passes to visit multiple days are usually $49.99, there are many season pass options for the park that can also be purchased. At the ticket booth guests are also able to get information on the premium cabanas that they have to offer and the Quick Queue pass which gets riders front of the line access to all the slides and attractions at the park. We highly recommend walking around for the first hour to see how busy the lines are before purchasing Quick Queue wristbands. To the right of the courtyard area they also offer self service ticket booths for those who wish to hurry the process and get inside to have fun even faster!

For those who are not thrill seekers yet still want to enjoy the water park and cool off, Aquatica San Diego features a massive wave pool ‘Big Surf Shores’ with a sandy relaxing area adjacent from it and a long lazy river that features a waterfall and flamingos off to left who you can sometimes catch being fed by one of SeaWorld’s trained animal trainers. The flamingos are such fun animals to watch and what better way to check them out when you’re relaxing in the lazy river or how Aquatica likes to call it ‘Loggerhead Lane’. Throughout the park complimentary life jackets are placed in all sizes for guests to use if they wish to, and for the young ones who visit, Walkabout Waters and Slippity Dippity are kid friendly playgrounds for them to enjoy and cool off with it’s own mini water slides and interactive elements. There is seating all around the structure for parents to watch over their little ones as they are having fun.

How could you not be hungry after a full day of fun in the water, well Aquatica has you covered offering tons of different food and drink options in the main food area, there are also a couple different food stands scattered throughout the park for guests to enjoy. Over at Kiwi Traders if you forgot a bathing suit, sunscreen, towels, or even sunglasses this store has everything for guests to stock up on before placing their items in lockers and going out to enjoy the fun. The lockers which have three different size options are located to the left of Kiwi Traders and this is also the area guests can find the bathrooms/changing rooms.

For all you thrill seekers, there are plenty of slides to enjoy. Whether you decide to go down into a huge flume of water and shoot out right underneath a waterfall on Tassie’s Twister or you want to brave a much more heart pounding straight down drop on Hooroo Run there are tons of different slides to zip down all while cooling off. Our favorite at the park was Whanau Way which is six different 60 foot paths both enclosed and open air shooting guests right out into a pool of water for the finale. Walhalla Wave is the most popular attraction at Aquatica from what we can see so we highly recommend if you want to ride every slide then get to the park early and head to that particular attraction first while there aren’t that many guests waiting to ride the slide.

There’s so much to do at Aquatica and way more attractions and experiences to enjoy and is definitely worth the visit! The park is located in Chula Vista and is open beginning May 24th – October 6th (Open Select Days). For information regarding passes and tickets to Aquatica San Diego visit . We wanna thank Aquatica San Diego for providing us with complimentary entry to experience the park ourselves!

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