‘Rogue’ an All New Maze Announced for Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2019

Today at the annual Queen Mary Dark Harbor panel that takes place at Midsummer Scream, it was announced that ‘Rogue’ a brand new maze with many different special effects and water effects will be coming to this years 10th Dark Harbor in Long Beach. For those who decide to brave this all new spine tingling maze, they will gasp for air and cling for survival. They will encounter creatures of those who didn’t quite make it after the huge 95 foot wall of blackness took over the RMS Queen Mary.

While crossing from New York to Scotland the famed ocean liner was broadsided by a huge force of nature that was later classified at the ‘Rogue Wave’. Guests who venture into the maze will be fully immersed in the event of the terrible events that took place on the Queen Mary ship was was known as the ‘Grey Ghost’ after the wave hit the ship. The creative team behind Dark Harbor have stated that everyone who walks through this maze WILL GET WET. The maze will replace the former maze ‘Deadrise’ that will sadly not be returning to this years Dark Harbor event. Southern California’s most haunted Halloween event will bring characters such as Chef, Captain, Graceful Gale, Voodoo Priestess, Scary Mary, Ringmaster, Samuel the Savage, and Half Hatched Henry.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will take place on September 26th through November 2nd and is located in Long Beach, CA. With 6 different mazes, 13 different bars, and various live entertainment offerings this year, Dark Harbor has plenty to offer for horror fans all over Southern California. Tickets and more information can be found at http://www.queenmary.com/dark-harbor. From now until tomorrow (11:59 p.m. Monday), tickets can be purchased for select nights for 40% off by using the promo code SCREAM at checkout.

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