‘Avengers Campus’ Full Marvel Themed Land Details Opening at California Adventure in 2020

Lots of information has been released at the D23 Expo this morning all about the highly anticipated Marvel themed land ‘Avengers Campus’, that will be coming to Disney’s California Adventure in the year of 2020. Between the Spider Man themed attraction that will be opening next year with the land or the Quinjet attraction that will be opening as apart of phase 2 of the project, there is tons of unique things that will be coming to as apart of Avengers Campus. There were tons of details that were shared at the Disney Parks and Experiences panel so let’s dive right into them.

The Quinjet Attraction (Phase 2): When the Marvel themed land was first teased, it was also announced that fans can expect the newly themed area to open up in multiple phases. It was announced at the Disney Parks and Experiences Panel that fans would be able to experience a Avengers themed attraction as apart o phase two. As guests board the Quinjet on a flight to Wakanda, things don’t go as planned as they fight side by side with the Avengers against one of the most powerful villains that the Marvel Universal has seen. We don’t quite know what this actual ride can be quite yet but one of our speculations in some type of interactive/immersive experience such as we have seen with the recent opening of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run over in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

PYM Test Kitchen: Venture into the pym Test Kitchen the brand new quick service dining option in Avengers Campus where Ant-Man and the Wasp explore their latest innovations with ginormous food options and the tiniest of food options. The dining option will offer multiple different food and drink options and will be uniquely themed both outside and inside to fit the theme of pym technologies. It was also announced that for the first time ever, fans will be able to meet and snap some pictures with Ant-Man and the Wasps themselves daily. The test kitchen is located towards the back of Avengers Campus right across the Quinjet attraction.

Spider Man Attraction: As all of us Marvel fans know, Disney is currently constructing it’s first ever Spider Man themed ride in a Disney Park apart of the opening of phase 1 for Avengers Campus. The ride is sure to immerse guests as they sling webs with Spider Man in their web slinging vehicles. This attraction will be the first thing guests see as they make their way in through the main entrance of Avengers Campus. Directly across the way is the ‘WEB Suppliers’ shop where fans can purchase Spider Man and Avengers themed merchandise. This will be the main retail shop for the newly themed land when it opens to the public.

There many different heroic encounters throughout the Campus such as Doctor Strange’s Sanctum which is a stage show featuring Doctor Strange himself in the corner of the land. Fans will be able to meet some of their favorite superheroes from the Marvel Universe when the all new Avengers Campus opens up phase 1 in the year of 2020. Join the recruitment today and plan your trip next year to experience this one of a kind themed land that will fully immerse fans of all ages.

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