Sesame Place San Diego | A Brand NEW Theme Park set to Open in Spring of 2021

This morning it was announced that San Diego would be getting a brand new theme park in the year of 2021. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment have been making some huge moves in the recent years and now another one today with the announcement of Sesame Place San Diego. This immersive park based off the Sesame Street characters will be built at the current site of SeaWorld’s water park in Chula Vista, Aquatica. The current site will undergo a massive revamp and feature tons of fun when Sesame Place opens up in Spring 2021. All this in partnership with Sesame Workshop which is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street. The park will also be classified as a Certified Autism Center where staff wide Autism sensitivity training will be completed prior to opening.

Although Aquatica will be complete revamped into a brand new theme park, there will still be a couple remaining attractions. All the water slides from the water park will be re themed to fit the new theme of the park, one of the slide names that we can see visible from the concept art is Cookie Monster’s Monster Mixer which is currently named Tassie’s Twister. The wave pool from Aquatica will also return to Sesame Place and be completely re themed as well. The only attraction not returning from Aquatica is Woohoo Falls which was a massive plunge from high in the air down 4 different water slides. This is possibly due to the fact of the slides not fitting in with the theme of a children park.

Sesame Place San Diego is only the second Sesame Place in the United States with it’s sister park being located in Pennsylvania. The sister park also features water slides but aren’t nearly as thrilling as the ones that will be in San Diego. As guests enter the theme park they will be fully immersed in the Sesame Street neighborhood with a merry go round placed as the center piece. There will be themed gift shops and character meet and greet opportunities throughout this area and the park. The Sesame Street neighborhood will most likely be similar to the Sesame Street land that is located at SeaWorld Orlando.

The theme park will feature other entertainment such as live interactive shows and lots of family rides for guests to enjoy. One of the more noticable things in the concept art is that there is a family roller coaster in the back corner of the park that will be very similar to Super Grover’s Box Car Racers over at Orlando as well. This just adds to the fun that Sesame Place will have to offer when it debuts. Construction for the theme park will begin this coming Fall however the construction will not interfere with the Aquatica water park next year as it’s set to open for it’s final year on Memorial Day weekend of 2020.

Sesame Place San Diego opens in Spring of 2021 and is already a heavily anticipated park. With the debut of the park begs the question, what does the future hold for the Sesame Street Bay of Plan area in SeaWorld San Diego? We will have to wait and see until we find out further news from SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.

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