Disneyland NEW Annual Passholder Card Skin Debuts|How to get the NEW Card Look

There is a brand new look to the annual passes at the Disneyland Resort and I must say I personally love it! If you have seen the Walt Disney World cards, just imagine the exact same thing but with a blue background as you see above and the ‘Disneyland Resort’ text on the card. The design is the mickey mouse design as you see above in the center of a blue background.

For those looking to change out their cards it will come with a price. A $20 pass fee will be charged for those looking to get the new look and these can be replaced at any of the ticket booths at the resort located right outside the two theme parks. For those who are not passholder’s quite yet, well they are in luck as all new members will receive this new card look. The Mickey and friends look has been around for quite sometime now and it’s nice to see a change to match with Walt Disney World. Next all we need is magic bands, but that is for another day to talk about.

Unlike Walt Disney World passholder’s, the names of the guest will still be printed on the back of the card and will not be self written on by the guest with a pen, making for a more neater look.

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