‘Emperor’ SeaWorld San Diego’s Highly Anticipated Dive Coaster Re-Named & More Details for Summer 2020

Well it is no doubt that SeaWorld has been working hard at getting their NEW roller coaster “Mako” ready for it’s 2020 Summer opening, but SeaWorld has recently came out and re-named the anticipated coaster ‘Emperor’. The new name will fit to the theme of the beloved Emperor Penguins rather then Sharks as it was previously planned before.

SeaWorld San Diego’s exciting attraction will highlight the partnership with Penguins International which is a conservation program that focuses on Penguin awareness and care while taking care of conservation needs of these special aquatic birds. Part of the profits from the attraction’s merchandise store and Penguin merchandise will be given to Penguins International to support their conservation program.

The new roller coaster will be located directly across from the Journey to Atlantis water ride while towering 153 feet in the sky with an 143 foot vertical face down drop. This coaster is the tallest, biggest, and fastest dive coaster in California and will send riders on a thrilling adventure at speeds more then 60 MPH!

‘Emperor’ fits the attraction a lot better due to the Penguin Encounter being a couple minutes away from the ride compared to the previously named ‘Mako’ with the Shark Encounter being far away from the actual ride itself. This also adds a more unique name to it due to the fact that over in SeaWorld Orlando they have a ‘Mako’ coaster as well. Construction is well underway and ‘Emperor’ opens to the public in Summer of 2020!

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