Disneyland Debuts NEW 2020 Tomorrowland Entrance Look | The Start of a HUGE Land Refurbishment

As of recent, the removal of the infamous ‘french fry rocks’ that were originally placed right in front of the Tomorrowland entrance have been a success. When visiting the park it is no doubt that there is way more room for guests to walk and make their way in and out of the land. Since the removal of the rocks, some have questioned if anything would be done with the two bare patches of grass. Disney has since released a brand new concept art piece for a brand new look to the Tomorrowland entrance that is set to debut in 2020.

Now what exactly does this mean for the future of Tomorrowland, well essentially this is the very beginning of a huge land over haul that has been much needed for years. Some have rumored for this full overhaul to be finished between the years of 2023 – 2024. The new entrance way hands down looks beautiful and brings a much more modern look to the entry port, something that Tomorrowland desperately needs.

One strange thing that we have noticed is the two buildings on the right and left hand side which hold Buzz Lightyear: Astro Blasters and Star Tours: The Adventure Continues. The reason why they are so strange is due to the fact of the bronze color look to both of the buildings, something that we have not seen since the Rocket Rods attraction. Now this a huge speculation so take this with a grain of salt but could Disneyland be bringing back the Bronze look to Tomorrowland?

Some of the rumors that have been floating around between Disneyland fans for the Tomorrowland overhaul have been the removal of Star Wars Launch Bay, completely new projection upgrade to Space Mountain/Hyperspace Mountain, removal of Astro Blasters, return of some type of People Mover attraction, and the removal of Autopia and Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage. Once again these are just wild speculations and Disneyland has not confirmed any of these rumors at all.

However, none of these rumors are out of the picture for Tomorrowland quite yet. The new entrance look is definitely much needed for the land is a step in the right direction for Disneyland. There is no exact month for when the entrance port will be done but we predict that it will most likely be somewhere around the early months of 2020.

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