‘Emperor’ SeaWorld San Diego’s 2020 Dive Coaster Construction Update 11.25.19 | Station and Support Beams Have Gone Vertical

The anticipation surrounding ‘Emperor’, SeaWorld San Diego’s NEW dive coaster set to open next year of 202 is raising more and more as we start to see construction moving along very fast. There was the tons of stuff that we can see from our recent visit out to the construction site that shows massive progress for the attraction. The most notable thing that we can spot is that random rectangular building. That will be the loading station where guests will board the trains to enjoy their thrilling ride on Emperor.

One other very visible process we can see occurring is the placement of the track pieces that are already all located directly across from the construction site. Towards the right side of the loading station we can already see the brake stop partially placed, this is where the second train will be held until the first train leaves the station. Towards the left side of the station is the start of the actual coaster as it turns into the lift hill. We can already see the support beams starting to rise that will actually support the lift hill as the vehicles climb their way up to the 143 foot vertical drop.

The Skytower was sadly closed for refurbishment so we were not able to get a super high aerial view of the construction progress but we were able to ride Journey to Atlantis and get an aerial view from the lift hill. That full construction video will be out on our channel youtube.com/socalexploring soon if it is not already out. From the aerial view of Atlantis though we were able to see a full look at all the tracks that they have already placed. This will be a great way to see the full track layout as time goes on.

Off the ride in the general Atlantis area you can already see the support beams peeping through the trees which is very exciting. Within the next couple months as progress continues this will be yet another angle for us to get construction shots of the coaster as it towers above. If construction continues at the rate that it is going right now, we can totally see the all new dive coaster opening up earlier then Summer. Potentially even a late Spring opening, or at least maybe even pass holder previews in Spring.

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