Disneyland to FREEZE all Scheduled Monthly Payments for Annual Passholders During COVID-19 Park Closures

We have all been experience some dark times during the outbreak of the COVID-19 but today Disneyland has released an update to take the stress off of their loyal theme park guests and fans. The Disneyland Resort has been temporarily closed until further notice since March 14th of this year and originally planned to charge passholders for monthly payments despite the resort being closed, but since then Disney has updated their procedures today.

On the Disneyland website they have stated that for those who are enrolled in the monthly payment plan, all scheduled payments during the temporary closure of the parks will be stopped and waive all upcoming payments. This new policy will go into effect beginning April 5th, also Disney will be retroactively refunding all payments that were made between March 14th through April 4th. All passholder’s monthly payments will go back into effect once the theme parks reopen, however the extra extension period that was originally planned for passholders will be not be added now. All passports under the payment plan will expire on the originally scheduled expiration date.

Another alternative for passholders on the monthly payment plan will be for guests to extended their annual pass longer then the original expiration date, however scheduled payments will be collected for the extended months past that expiration date. The new expiration date will be reflected on the passport once the theme parks re open & Disney is planning to release information soon on how to choose this option.

Passholders who have paid in full for their passports are not being left out of the COVID-19 procedure. As previously planned all of those who have paid in full for their pass will receive an extension date free of charge to their expiration date prior to the re opening of the theme parks. However, guests who have paid in full can also choose to be refunded partially for their passports during the time period of the theme park closures. Information on how to receive the partial refund will also be released by Disney soon. Visit https://disneyland.disney.go.com/travel-information/ for updated information through the temporary closure of the Disneyland Resort.

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