Florida Task Force Meeting Hints at Possible Theme Park Openings Between May-Early June in Orlando with New Guidelines

It looks like Florida theme parks are planning to open a lot sooner then most expected. Recently President Donald Trump announced that they would slowly begin to re open the country in phases with limited access to certain businesses with different restrictions. This got people wondering what the future of the major theme parks are on both the East and West Coast, more in specific venues that bring in major crowds such as Disney and Universal Studios. Governor Ron DeSantis had also announced that he put together a task force in order to plan the re opening of Florida, this includes the theme parks in the Florida area.

This morning during a task force meeting many different forms of businesses were focused on and the certain restrictions that would be in place in order for these places to operate. One of these focuses being both small and large theme parks and what they need to do to operate. For small theme parks such as Fun Spot, Top Golf, Gatorland, etc : tape markings on the floor 6 feet apart from each other in ride/attraction queues, staff to regularly wipe down surfaces at random, and during the phase 1 and 2 process staff that are 65+ are encouraged to stay home.

Both large and small theme parks have the same exact guidelines as each other with the exception of smaller theme parks only having to wipe down all railings and surfaces at a regular basis where as large theme parks have to wipe them down after every use. The mandatory guidelines that both have to follow are: all employees are required to wear face masks, touchless hand sanitizers at each ticketing entry and and turnstiles, touchless hand sanitizers at all rides/attractions entries and exits, temperature checks for staff prior to shift (temp above 100.4 must not enter premises), all employees with flu like symptoms advised to stay home, and both must operate at 50% capacity during phase one and 75% capacity during phase two.

It should be noted that these are just preliminary guidelines by the task force and the different theme parks will most likely add more guidelines then the ones presented. We have already seen Universal Orlando Resort release a survey with many different regulations that may have to be in place when the resort opens. The task force guidelines are just too weak to be the official guidelines when the parks re open, but none the less the Governor is planning to make an announcement tomorrow about re opening the state as a whole, where we will most likely find out when the theme parks will open back up.

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